Give this website link and your applicant ID number to the two individuals,(except for spouses-only one is required) who will recommend you for these scholarships. This is an online form, please do not send a recommendation letter in the mail. Recommendations should be submitted by teachers, school personnel, guidance counselors, athletic coaches, employers, etc. They may NOT be submitted by family members and/or spouses.


To verify your online  recommendation forms have been received please go to the Application Status tab, insert your application ID and it will list those who have complete your recommendation(s).  

Paper (or mailed) copies of recommendations will NOT be accepted.


If two letters of recommendation, for high school and college applicants and one for spouse applicants, are not submitted by the deadline date, your application will be considered incomplete and will NOT be reviewed by the scholarship selection committee.






If you are recommending a student for the scholarship program, you must submit an online recommendation form instead of a recommendation letter.  


Note: You must have their applicant ID number to continue with this process. Please be prepared to complete this form in full.

Click here to enter the Recommendation Form


Recommendations must be completed by 11:59PM EST on March 1st