Welcome to step one of the Wings Over America Scholarship process, Pre-Qualification. The pre-qualification portion of the application MUST be completed and submitted by February 1st at 5:00PM EST to continue with application.

NOTE: For 2023 we have not received funding the for the USS Carl Vinson, USS Nimitz, USS Harry S. Truman nor USS Bush administered scholarships. If you only qualify for these scholarships, please check back on our website during the 2023-2024 scholarship season.

Scholarships are for undergraduate work and cover tuition only at an accredited institution.  This can be a trade school, community college or four-year college/university. If an applicant’s tuition is fully covered by other scholarships from their institution, ROTC, or POST 9/11 GI Bill/Yellow Ribbon benefits they are ineligible to receive a scholarship.  Students attending services academies are also ineligible.

The following are the minimum overall GPA requirements for this scholarship:

  • High School: 3.0
  • College: 2.5
  • Military Spouses: 2.5

The Pre-Qualification portion determines:

  • Applicant’s dependent status
  • Applicant’s sponsor’s time in service within Navy aviation commands

Please refer to the pre-qualification checklist below to ensure being prepared to complete this pre-qualification section.

Already Pre-Qualified Applicants: Do NOT submit pre-qualification documents again if the applicant has already pre-qualified. An applicant must reactivate their account by contacting the Scholarship Administrator at scholarship@woasf.org.

New applicants who have a previously qualified sibling or parent must:
  • Create their own account. DO NOT use the existing account and overwrite information.
  • Submit proof of dependency.
  • Indicate the name of the family member who has pre­qualified in the "Verification of Assignment in Naval Air Forces or Subordinate Command(s)" portion of the Pre-Qualification section.

These new applicants DO NOT need to resubmit documentation of the sponsor’s service in Navy Aviation if the sibling has pre-qualified within the last five years (2018-2022).



Be sure to complete all three steps or your account will not be saved, and you will not be able to enter the system. Please do not use an iPad or iPhone for the application process, it is not compatible with this online system. Additionally, using military, government and/or DOD contractor computer may not also work when creating a new account. 

1.    Please create an account by setting up a username, email, and password below and click the Submit button. 

2.    When prompted, re-enter your username and password into the next page and click the Log-in button.

3.    Finally, read and then check Consent Box on the Consent Page, to move to the first page of the Pre-Qualification section.

Once the pre-qualification section is completed & submitted, it will be reviewed within 5 business days.  Applicants will receive notice via email (please check junk and spam boxes) with an Applicant ID number to continue with the scholarship application STEP II.

Deadline Information: Applicants must complete the online pre-qualification and upload the eligibility documents by 5:00 PM EST on February 1st.  We make no exceptions to our deadlines.

Start to create a new account:

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The Pre-Qualification is closed. The 2023-2024 scholarship season will open again on October 1st.

If you have any questions throughout the scholarship process please contact:

Melissa Garrison, Scholarship Administrator 

Email: scholarship@woasf.org

Andrea Diamond, Executive Director

Email:  a.diamond@woasf.org